Would you believe my dog ate my ornaments??!

You might believe it, if you've seen the chewed-up corner of the dining room carpet. But since it's December and we all "better watch out," I guess I've got to be completely truthful with you:

Although I am painfully aware of what the calendar says,

I have turned a blind eye to the nakedness of my Christmas tree. My husband and I have agreed that we both admire "understated elegance", and have therefore pretended to enjoy the "lights only" look that has adorned our tree thus far. But the clock is ticking . . . . do you hear it?
The incessant tick . . . tick . . . tick . . .

Actually, I have been very busy fixing a whole lot of fun decorations that could put our house in a Christmas mood, but they are all to give away as gifts. Santa's got to give me a little credit for that, right?

And the tree hasn't been completely bare for a week now, because I put this on it last Tuesday:

It came in the mail and it looked a little like an ornament, so I thought it could keep the lights company on our tree for a day or two -- okay, a week or so -- but I suppose the effect would have been more Christmasy if I had added some glitter to the lettering. Actually, I've got some glitter in my right eye that has been really irritating me all morning (for some reason I can't use glitter without getting some in my eye -- this never changes) so since I'm already glittering, I think I'll go ahead and add some sparkle to the "free bowling" coupon. Can't hurt, right?

I was talking to someone who wants to stop by my house for a meeting on Friday,

and I said, "I'll try to get my tree decorated by then." She laughed like I'd really said something funny, but I didn't laugh. "Right, Susan," she said. "Like your tree isn't decorated."

"Like, it isn't". I said.

"You're BAD." she said (and she meant it. I could tell.)
Oooh . . . the dreaded December "B" word.

We have some German friends who have "Christmas fairies" that come by their house and decorate their tree on Christmas eve. I wonder if I leave my tree until Christmas eve, will they stop by my house? Maybe if I learn to summon them in German -- worth a try, right?

Well, Hannah and Chelsea come home this weekend, so surely I'll get motivated to get it done by then. I've been such a Christmas over-achiever for so long (Seriously. Open houses, fifty nativity scenes from around the world, dozens of labor-intensive traditional cookies, homemade gifts, caroling . . . craziness. This is actually healthier, right?)

And last night we brought the ornaments up from the basement. So there's hope. And Christmas is all about hope. And believing, let's not lose sight of that.
I believe.

If I don't have it done, I can always send the girls out for some free bowling while I work on it. Will the bowling alley still accept the coupon if it has glitter on it?


Jake and Chelsea said...

hahahha, i want to see that bowling coupon as this years' tree topper. and in the grand tradition of things, hannah will come home, see it, and say "i fear change!" and immediately reach for something more familiar to top the tree.

i have one test tomorrow, and an interview right after for those awesome jobs i might get, and i just have to rework my paper a little bit more, then i can breathe. it will be so nice to breathe.

get the bath ready,

i'm coming home.

Nancy said...

Actually, having met your dog, I would believe that the dog ate the ornaments. Probably more than that the house just hasn't been decorated yet. But stop guilting yourself over it!! I would have loved it if when I came home from college I still got to do some decorating. Instead, I always got the New Years day clean up. Booo. Let Hannah and Chelsea have a fun job! I'd help too, but I'm sticking with the mountains this year. Hey, we are both making healthier choices!

susan m hinckley said...

Chelsea -- can't wait until you're home! Nancy -- can't wait until you come home TO VISIT. SHORT VISIT. VERY SHORT. We miss you.

Amelia and Justin said...

Hehe, this post made me happy, mostly because I believe that I will be on the receiving end of one of those decorations. :)

By the way, I would just like it on the record that my mother has my completed ornaments to send to your family, and so it is not my fault if they don't arrive in time for christmas...and they are pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself.

Give Hannah, Chelsea and Lindsay hugs from me. I miss you guys so much!

susan m hinckley said...

You are correct in your assumptions. And, for the record, I want you to know that I have my own completed ornaments here so who's fault will it be when you don't receive yours in time for Christmas? I think I'll go ahead and send them and send the girls' later, so I can prove that I haven't spent the entire month of December watching The Price is Right.

april said...

this makes me feel a lot better that my tree was just decorated tonight. i silenced about three women last week when i said that we hadn't done it yet. granted my decorating has never been up to par. glad your taking a slightly easier route.

maybe that german myth is why my parents always waited until christmas eve to decorate the tree (even though they're not german). it's a tradition none of us kids carry on. have fun decorating with the girls.

Jake and Chelsea said...

about those ornaments, it won't be my fault.


seriously people, there are about 500 people here. and little to no art supplies. this may be the year that everyone will look back at my ornaments and say, "oh yeah...chelsea lived in south royalton with little to no art supplies..."

Amelia and Justin said...

I, for one, am excited to see the South Royalton ornaments.

Cami said...

Here is your German lesson and request for the "fairies" Bitte hilf mir. Mein Tannenbaum hat gar nichts. Ahh Christmas in Germany. I miss it! I think you need to hear Mandi's quote from last night as I was stressing and freaking out trying to get packages together. "Jesus was not born to cause you stress" Okay, I do get her point regarding Christmas, but I also had to laugh as I thought about years of religious guilt, lack of perfection, etc. Anybody with me?! Alas, I have learned to deal with all of that a bit but man, the Christmas rush -- still stressing. Next year Mandi said we are starting in January :-) Happy Holidays to you all!
Enjoy each others company and I for one can't wait to see the Hinckly gift blog full of wonderful creations. You are ALL way too talented.

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