Ho, ho . . . . home!

It should actually be "jiggle-ty jog" -- have you ever been on a stress eating spree in the city of Chicago for a full week in December? It's ugly . . . delicious, but ugly. The important thing is, we're home again, home again!

And luckily there's too much snow to jog! (Even though I just got an amazing new pair of Saucony trail runners right before we left . . . there's too much snow, right?)

Luckily we were able to drive home between storms -- even though we had to drive until 4:00am to do it, it was worth it. But between the shoveling and the staying up way past my bedtime, I'm feeling a little bit like this today:

But no matter! There are so many fun distractions, because it's December!

Speaking of distractions, I just remembered that I have an advent calendar!

I've missed the whole first row already! But no matter! Because I'm an empty nester now, so I haven't spoiled anyone's Christmas by forgetting to do things like decorate my tree. When are college finals over? . . . . I'd better keep an eye on that deadline.

And also because it's December, I don't have to worry about dieting. Right?

I'll just ask Santa to give me some help with that!

Actually, Santa, I have a word of advice for you:

I don't care if it is covered in pink fur, don't you dare even think of giving me a bathroom scale for Christmas! Not unless you want to sleep in the barn with the reindeer.

I'm afraid I'm not able to give the full show report today, so we'll have to call it "Small Works Show Report Week" and provide the details in small doses.

Today I'll just begin by saying, it was really good. And such a pleasure to share my work with the many good friends who stopped by to visit.

Thanks so much for coming, and for your many kindnesses!

And now, friends, I must throw off my pre-show stress and self-absorption . . .

And start making a list so I'll have something to check twice at the appropriate time. That's important, because I realized (somewhere in Wisconsin, of course) that two of the gifts I bought at the show are the exact same two gifts I bought last year! I don't mean the same type of things, I mean the exact same things! For the same people! Now that's just scary.

Would anyone like some really smashing earrings (that I didn't give them to last year?!)

Home again, home again, market is done. Hooray!

And it's still Christmas.
I haven't missed it after all.


Elizabeth said...

Hello Susan,

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Your right our work is very different but we both like felt and the slow process of stitching. I like the way you integrated words in it. It is something I like a lot. I tried it with the Mystery book, where it worked out allright. Normally I find the words I stitch to large to blend in really well.

Keep up the nice work and I will be visiting.

Have a beautiful day.

Amelia and Justin said...

Welcome home (to the blog world)! I'm glad to hear it went well. I can't wait to hear more about it during the up and coming week! :)

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