Happy Thanksgiving!

Today my little girl who is riding on the bluebird of happiness and singing a duet is singing a Thanksgiving song. Since I have the job of deciding which hymns we sing at church each Sunday, I've been choosing Thanksgiving songs all month and I have loved singing
every one.

I read once that it is physiologically impossible to feel gratitude and anxiety at the same time. I'm not sure whether that's true or not -- I have an amazing physiological ability to feel anxiety, but I have put this to the test a time or two and believe there may be some truth to it. I think it's a skill I should work on. I'd gratefully swap my anxiety for gratitude, and I actually have a lot more to be grateful for than to be anxious about. I just have to make the effort to think about it that way.

Two of my little pumpkins won't be coming home for Thanksgiving this year (that's a first, and I admit I'm feeling a little blue about it) because, times being what they are, we had to choose our airline tickets a little more wisely than in years past. But I'm certain that they each will find a wonderful -- albeit different -- Thanksgiving somewhere else. And even though our 401k has recently downsized to a 201k, I'm grateful that we'll have the means to see them in less than a month for Christmas.

I will, however, still be setting out our traditional placecards for Thanksgiving dinner. Chelsea and Hannah drew them a number of years ago and I've grown quite attached to them -- I think they will help ease my "familysickness" a little when I'm getting things ready tomorrow.

Now that we're all here, I think we should go around the blog-table and each tell something that we're grateful for.

I'll go first:


That's right. I'm grateful for everything, and if there's anything I'm actually not that grateful for, I'm going to think about it another day and try to adjust my attitude a little.

Okay . . . who wants to go next?

Oh! Am I still the only one here? Well all right then, I guess I'm grateful for that too.

More pie for me!


april said...

one thanksgiving, i made everyone go around the table and say something they were thankful for. when we were done, grace proclaimed: "now let's say something we're not grateful for." we let her go first. her response: "garbage."

happy thanksgiving.

susan m hinckley said...

Well that's a pragmatic response and one I think we can all agree with. I like that idea, Grace, so today I'm going to add "cold wind." Brrr.

Pam said...

I'm grateful that my husband's anngiogram showed good results. I love the Thanksgiving illustrations.

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