See them tumblin' down, Pledgin' their love to the ground . . . Lonely but free I'll be found . . .

Driftin' along with the tumblin' tumbleweeds . . .

Guess where this tumbleweed is driftin'?!

I'm going out to New Mexico to be with my pals for a week:

Well actually, to hang out with my sister and my parents (but I will definitely stop to see Ed Larson, who painted that last one.)

To eat:

at The Rancho de Chimayo (among other spots)

Where I will order:

the Tortilla Compuesta w/the tinga beef (not an actual picture, but who takes pictures of the stuff they order in restaurants? That would be creepy and weird.)

To see:

the Albuquerque balloon fiesta

and the high desert fall foliage.

To drool over stuff like this: (Matt Mitchell)

and this

and this

and this

and to generally have an amazing week in New Mexico doing the things I love to do most.

Latest Albuquerque weather says:

high 81/low 55/sunny
(you can knock about 7 degrees off that for Santa Fe)
In other words, PERFECT.

If you kids are good while I'm gone, I'll bring you a treat from Jackalope.

So I guess this is adios, amigos . . .

Happy Trails to You,
'Til We Meet Again!

(about October 9)


april said...

have fun!! a week, sans kids, beautiful weather and art, yummy food. sounds like paradise.

oh, and muchos gracias for sending remington. i'm looking forward to it.

april said...

p.s. i did check with my library today and they have the 1950s nancy drew. i'll get them out soon to read with grace. (i was on my way out when i asked the librarian.)

Amelia and Justin said...

I took at least two pictures of food I ordered in Mexico...Clearly I'm weird.

susan m hinckley said...

I write on a blog about food I'm going to order at restaurants. I don't think I get to point the weird finger. . .

Jake and Chelsea said...

at least i can rest easy in knowing that high desert fall foliage is not as good as my fall foliage.

but you get to be in the high desert...

you win.

Pam said...

Have a great time Susan. I was in New Mexico...gee...thirty years ago.Now THAT is making me feel old!Thanks for calling by and leaving a comment. I really enjoy visiting here and left a comment on your Nancy Drew post. Have fun!

Hannah Francis said...

i wish i was in santa fe instead of buena vista-- but don't call me while eating at gabriel's or chimayo-- cause that would be tooo cruel!

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