Look, Ma! No Hands!

The other day Lindsay was having lunch with us and she asked me if I'd like to see her "tricks." What mother can refuse such a request?

I was immediately transported back to this day:

This picture is of Lindsay on her new bike, Christmas Day 1987.

Kind of sad to get a new bike for Christmas in MN,

But at least there was 20 years' less accumulation in the garage then, so she could attempt to ride it.

Lindsay is at heart a 12-year-old boy (in a 25-year-old girl body), so her tricks are always fearless and impressive (I won't say "reckless" or "hair-brained", but there was that broken arm incident awhile back . . . )

Someday she will most certainly be the awesomest mother on any block.

So we went out in front of the house so I could watch Linds on her "ripstik". Too old to know what this is? Go out to your cul-de-sac and watch what the middle school set is doing. The best I can do in the way of a description is tell you that it is a skateboard with free-moving wheels (think casters) that is split in half, each half moving independently of the other. Very cool because you can go uphill by rocking the two halves. Not very cool because you can break your arm with minimal effort. From the ripstik website, I read with amusement the following warning:

Caster board riding can be a hazardous activity. Caster boards can, and are intended to move and it is therefore possible to get into dangerous situations and/or lose control and/or fall off. If such things occur you can be seriously injured or die.

(If you are a twelve year old boy, I'd recommend that you don't teach your mother how to combine the terms "google" and "ripstik.") That may be the most ridiculous disclaimer I've ever personally laid eyes on. It could only elicit one response from someone who grew up in the 1970's, and that is, of course, "no duh."

So I watched the tricks, (at least she wears pads now since the arm thing) which were indeed awesome to say the least. She did not "get into a dangerous situation and/or lose control and/or fall off." All the passing cars were watching, as well, because there's something about Lindsay that's just plain cool. I don't know any other way to say it.

All of this is merely to serve as an introduction to me sharing this with you:

We're (finally!) moving along now at a good clip. I'm going to try to have it done before I leave on vacation next week. But I guess my triumphant yell would be something more like this:

Look, Ma! Only my hands!


april said...

i'd love to see a pic of lindsay on her ripstik. (thankfully, i know what it is since gracie's piano teacher's son has one and i see him on it while we wait for her lesson to finish. so now i can feel like a somewhat hip mom.) anyhoo, lindsay indeed will make a fun mom. i'll admit that i probably don't always deter my kids when i should because what they are doing just looks fun. speaking of fun, have loads of it on your vacation.

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, April -- I'll get to the post office with Remington Steele before I go!

Amelia and Justin said...

You mean before you go on your vacation during which we get to have dinner TWICE? :) That's right...we are eating with you twice, gotta make it count.

Reading about the ripstick makes me think of the the Heelies...and the loud crash of her falling in the kitchen the day she bought them. hahaha. She is just plain cool, you are right :)

Jake and Chelsea said...

lindsay always wonders why hannah and i idolize her so, when really she shouldn't wonder at all.

i am jealous of several things:
1) that you get to have lunch with lindsay and see her new tricks
2) that you are going to beloved new mexico without me
3) that you have two targets in walking distance. from you and each other.

also, i have lost six pounds since my last detlefsen appointment. that makes twelve total since i came home and said, "i have to loose weight".

susan m hinckley said...

Now you've made me jealous of 12 things -- the pounds. And I usually drive my gas guzzler van to Target. But I do try to bring my own bags.

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