Stuff to the ceiling, stuff to the sky . . . her piles of stuff are a mile high . . .

Not MY stuff of course, but that of a certain soon-to-depart college student whose mounting piles have now mostly cut off the entrance to my studio and are threatening to choke the upstairs all together, if left unchecked. Can't we start loading some of that into the trunk of your car? Actually, CAN'T YOU START LOADING SOME OF THAT INTO THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR??!! I thought I had taught her to "have nothing in your home that you do not find to be useful or believe to be beautiful." Well, in all honesty William Morris taught us both that, but the problem appears to be that: 1) She either can't differentiate between useful and beautiful or, 2) She thinks its just beautiful the way everything might become useful if she hangs on to it. Of course then she comes up with things like Venus made from a Captain Crunch box and I have to forgive her for everything and put it on my coffee table because it's just so -- for lack of a better word -- STUNNING. Everyone should have a Venus made from a Captain Crunch box. In fact, perhaps no one should ever throw away empty Captain Crunch boxes. It's like pouring possibilities down the drain with the leftover gold-tinged-crumb-floating milk. What's that quote about hating most in others the qualities we despise in ourselves?

Here's a PARTIAL list of things I had to step over to get into my studio today:

--2 LARGE metal daisies (these will look great on the walls of my room!!)
--2 expandable peg coat racks (these will be great for hanging my vintage hats on!!)
--1 set hanging baskets (these will be great for keeping STUFF in!!)
--1 enormous plastic bin - ENORMOUS - of painting supplies (I need more painting stuff!!)
--1 large vintage spice rack (I could paint this and put stuff ON IT!!)
--1 big blue IKEA bag full of dishes and rugs (we need more rugs!!)
--2 3-foot pieces vintage wood molding (I could put hooks on these!! And hang stuff!!)
--1 stack empty picture frames (my room needs more pictures!!)

See, she's only taking the essentials. I understand completely.


Amelia and Justin said...

I love Hannah...and I love you.

Man...I miss living there with you guys!! :)

susan m hinckley said...

I could send her to live with you . . . how big is your house?

Hannah Francis said...

i may be a pile-making mess girl...but sometimes i do good things too.

susan m hinckley said...

You are the best kind of pile-making mess girl. Next week I'll be cursing my clean, lonely house. xo

abi said...

Well Hi! I just found you and Chels' blogs. When does Hannah go back to school? Wow, 2 girls on the east coast totally opposite ends. Are you so sad? That's just too far away - sorry, didn't mean to be depressing - hardy har har.

susan m hinckley said...

Hi, Abi -- the east coast is closer to me than it is to you, but you're right -- too far away. But think about it: some days having Zane living on the east coast wouldn't be all bad, would it?!

april said...

i'm just jealous that you got that captain crunch venus. that is cool!!!

so hannah, you giving any of that other great stuff to your mom? sounds like there was some drooling going on at the end of that email.

susan m hinckley said...

The problem is, most of that stuff came from my closet. Hannah comes by her pack-rat nature quite naturally. She was raised in an antique store, after all. And she learned to crawl on the floor of a studio.

Ann said...

I think the pile-making is genetic. Brian just loves my piles.

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