Last night Hannah talked me into buying fabric for a new painting -- naughty, naughty Hannah -- in her defense, I should add that I talked her into buying $47.00 worth of new beads and canvases that she obviously didn't need . . . This is one of the new fabrics -- I've never tried anything with batik before, we'll see how it goes. And the white background is so utterly DIFFERENT for me. Stretch, stretch, stretch. I read something I liked last night, something about how although perfection is a sign of skill, like any rule it is a limitation. The writer went on to say that "it encourages you to do things over and over. It can harbor fear and anguish . . ." Well! I am cut to the quick! You may know I have a little problem with perfectionism. You may know that I spend most of my life doing the same things over and over. And some of you may even know that I won't attempt a sketch if there is another person in the house (not completely accurate, but I will hide it under something if I hear a footstep on the stair). On the other hand, it is my perfectionism that makes my stitched work really sing. Part of the "wow" factor is most definitely rooted in the perfectionism of the thing. So, a delicate balancing act to be sure, and something I might try to work on in my body of work this fall. For now, I will take my highly irregular (for me) batik fabric and attempt to paint something on it in a fearless (and less than perfect???!!) manner. We'll see how that goes.


Jake and Chelsea said...

batik??? did you scan that in? and then edit it? and then upload it onto your blog? you might be the most technologically capable mom in the universe.

we are here. there will be major blogging in our near future. although we can't tell anyone here that we have a blog...that could be dangerous...the things we may say...

love you!

Crayons said...

This is such an attractive site, not just for the beautiful pieces of art, but also for the way in which you have assembled it. I like the playful quality of your fabric pieces.

I like the comment you left on "Crayons." Sometimes I think it's a blessing to have failed in art. Had I gone to art school, my stuff might just look like everyone else's. Your's too.

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