I was thinking about this little painting yesterday so I pulled it out -- I think I like it. Actually, I like many of my paintings quite a bit, although the art buying public doesn't seem to like them as much as I do. Now we are on to what has become a sticky dilemma for me that is currently demanding all my time, energy, obsessive powers and eating/coping skills: WHAT SHOULD I BE SPENDING MY TIME MAKING TODAY? Because we certainly need money but for some reason I want to paint (probably an avoidance tactic of some kind -- other favorites include baking cookies, shopping, cleaning or organizing studio . . . not a comprehensive list, by the way) So anyway, in defense of my desire to paint I offer exhibit A, a little Christmas-y for the last day of July, but I enjoyed seeing it again. In the interest of complete disclosure, I also have to admit that I have been dying to try scanning something and then posting it on my blog, an exercise of my fledgling technological capabilities, for which I thank the generous IT specialist who gave me such a capable tutorial last week (you know who you are). See? I did it!

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Jake and Chelsea said...

WOW!!! you did that all by yourself!!! it looks great!

jake is totally into blogging now, and he's way better at it than i am.


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