All along there were incidents and accidents, there were hints and allegations . . . or. . . you got chocolate on my peanut butter.

So in case you've been wondering, Hannah and her adorable hat have arrived safely in Virginia. There was a minor incident in Kentucky involving a guard rail and the passenger door, but you can read her blog if you want to know about that. Not having actually seen the damage, I will not speculate. Anyway, her Frieda Kahlo memorabilia has been retrieved from the storage shed, her apartment is set up, and she is already cursing biology.

Chelsea is also safely ensconced in her ivy-covered walls. I went downstairs on Saturday and was poking around in the space she and Jake vacated when I noticed her yellow blankie -- HER YELLOW BLANKIE!!! -- folded neatly
(with determination?) at the foot of their bed.
Has the world gone mad? Going away to Vermont Law with no blankie? Of course I had to call to inquire. She said (a little weakly and with a small laugh) "I thought I could do it."

"What are you wrapping your head in when you sleep?" I asked. Because I know she has done this for as long as she's been Chelsea.

ALL THIS LEADS TO TODAY'S QUESTION: Is it possible to go to law school during the day and still wrap your head in your blankie at night?

Hannah had what I deem to be a perfect answer for this. She made a comment on my last blog post (the one about creative making) that I told her I was going to lift and use in my next post. She said, "go ahead, since you obviously don't have any moral issues with plagiarism" (see "Betty Crocker Boys & Girls Cookbook". Smart aleck.)

In response to my assertion that universes (chocolate and bacon) must never collide, Hannah said this:

"I would have to revise your statement and say that bad things happen when universes touch -- greatness happens when universes collide. There can be no apprehension when mixing worlds together -- apprehension gets nothing done. Jumping into the possibility of failure is the only way to truly succeed."

Bravo, Hannah! This may mean that Chelsea should actually take her blankie with her to law school, but at the very least it certainly implies that it's okay for her to be a lawyer during the day and a blankie toter when she gets home at night. I also think it is a validation for my long held decorating rule that: if you put together the things you like, they will all play nicely.
My house is eclectic (to say the least) but it
feels good. (it helps that I have never sought out the opinion of a professional decorator
on this topic).

I just bought Hannah a copy of one of my (and her) favorite-all-time books. I had a vintage copy but she didn't, and we both consider this to be a must. I am a little jealous, however, that her copy has something mine lacks. It contains pictures from a stage production of the book! LUCKY! I just loved one of the pictures with its accompanying caption:

I couldn't agree more completely. I have always thought my different friends should know each other. In fact, here are two of my best friends who hit it off famously. How could they not? I love them both. Automatic click. They may belong to different universes (they absolutely do!) but the important thing is I drew them both into my universe and it feels good. Two great tastes that taste great together.*

(*too young for this allusion? It refers to iconic 70's advertising involving an accident, some allegations, and the birth of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.)

I'm going to assert that this rule must apply to most things. I had such fun sharing Maira Kalman with you last time that now I'm going to offer you this:

and this:

Which reminds
me of
my favorite
Wisconsin billboard,
"Cheese & Taxidermy."
True story.

And who's to say that a cookie jar shouldn't take a trip to the universe of science? What if your mother baked cookies AND invented scuba gear? Awesome collision!

I'm feeling this way about the whole blog thing. A marvelous intersection where writing meets art. A hint of something that could become something even better. I'll send your blankie if you want it, Chels. You could have show and tell. Blankie, meet my law friends. Law friends, this is my blankie . . .
Now everybody get along.


Jake and Chelsea said...

dang it. i was being so strong! sure i still wrap my head in a blankie, but it's not that blankie...which seems, i admit the logic is flawed, so much more grown up. this blanket is from the gap...that's just classy. it screams adulthood.

i'll say it again: i love your blogs. once a week is clearly not enough.

susan m hinckley said...

You may love my blogs, but I love you. Go ahead and grow up. I'll keep your blankie safe here. xo

Nancy said...

I brought my blankie with on my mission. (I had to overcome my mother's plotting and objections in order to succeed.) I still has a place of honor half sticking out from under a pillow on my currently unmade bed. Because you see, if I have a bad day then I need to be able to run straight into my bedroom and curl up with "Red Blankie" in one swift un-interupted movement. Bad days leave no time for unmaking the bed in order to find "Red Blankie"

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