Well then.

Never have things gotten quite so completely away from me, so I suppose I should just call it what it is and stop pretending -- I have abandoned my blog.  But you knew that.

But wait!  I have not abandoned it forever, but rather until I find myself again and begin living something that resembles my normal life.  My life at present consists of mopping and vacuuming, dusting and windexing.  I occasionally do stealth laundry -- yesterday it wasn't finished quite as soon as I would have liked so I removed it from the dryer, plopped it in a basket and put it in the truck while we went away for the open house. I can't remember the last time I bought groceries, but that's okay because the kitchen is just for show.

This morning I am leaving to move Hannah out to Utah for her big NEXT STEP.  Exciting times!  Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming?  Less exciting, but I'll be eager to see where my little birdie flies.

But I have plenty I'd love to tell you, Dear Reader!  For one thing, I've almost finished my drawing challenge...4 drawings to go!  I know I stopped posting them awhile ago, but they'll all materialize there eventually.  And there was a very big birthday present this weekend!  Let's just say the mini-van era has ended at last!

And of course, I want to hear all about what's been happening with YOU.

Someday, we'll talk.....sigh*

Right now I have to vacuum my way out the door to the car and drive drive drive.

While I'm gone, if someone would like to buy my house, I'm leaving it in capable hands and my realtor will be more than happy to assist you.  If you want a peek at my (finished) big housing project, you can see some of it here.

Tell your friends!  I'll throw in some free artwork of their choice! And my undying gratitude! And an all-expenses-paid stay in Phoenix next February (provided I ever get there....)

Small Works will return 
Wednesday,  May 30.
Until then, dear friends...!



Anonymous said...

Your house looks fantastic -- I can't imagine what a nightmare it was to paint all that woodwork, but it looks so light and airy and very appealing. Good luck & hope you have a happy contract soon.

And good luck to Hannah on her next adventure. Seeing her artwork on the walls reminded me of her deep well of talent. I hope she'll get to tap into that in her new phase.

And good luck to you on your road trip -- safe travels & enjoy the scenery. And if you suddenly decide to detour toward PHX, let me know, I'll meet you for lunch!

Here's to the grand Hinckley adventures ahead!

Leenie said...

Utah? Why that's only a few minutes (okay hours) from me. Take that new ride on a short (okay long) detour and stop by. I'll feed you and your posse (okay we're booked to the ceiling for May 26, 27--wedding) (but we may be in Logan on 28!)if you come by on your way to that long delayed visit to Yellowstone Park (you know you want to).

Anyone who would pass up a SMH original with a house thrown is a fool.

Allie said...

I would buy your house just for the artwork, lol! It really is a beautiful house, Susan, I did notice after I drooled all over the pics of the art. Have a very safe and enjoyable trip to Utah!

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