You don't have to be that smart to know . . .

that trying to figure out how to do something new 
the week before Baltimore might not be the best idea.

After about my third false start on this framing project, Russ reminded me that "genius is a process." 

And I reminded him that if I were a genius, 
I would have been doing this in November. 

(Miss you, my friends!  Hope you're well, and that I'll be back soon with fun new work to show for my lack of sleep.)



Leenie said...

Oh, good luck with those frames. My very least favorite part of producing art (eeehhcccch!) is the mat cutting booboos, flecks of debris on the glass when everything is sealed, mitered corners that won't match---oh, yeah, you know.

At least your new stand-alone ladies and that wonderful owl won't need frames and should quickly bring and nice price.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

The owl just shines with personality, Susan, his expression suggests a hint of humor behind those John Lennon spectacles. I look forward to hearing about Baltimore and who was there and how pretty and innovative the creations bragged about their makers.

susan m hinckley said...

Leenie .... au contraire! It is the frames for the free-standers that are giving me fits, actually. We'll all see how that turns out. And framing wool pieces under glass = hairs on the glass. EVERY TIME.

Lynda -- I love how you phrased that! "Creations bragging about their makers"... that made my day!

luanne said...

Love the free-standers and can't wait to see how you're framing them. Good luck & try to get some sleep too!

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