Happy Valentine's Day to you, 
dear Readers! 

I hope someone has already packed up some pink sugar cookies, 
sealed them with a kiss, 

and delivered them to your door.   No?! 

Then I hope the postman delivers the ones 
I sent to Hannah's door in Virginia 
before Valentine's Day is just a memory.

 I've already received a Valentine 
from my sweetheart today. . . 

He always draws a special card for me (in his signature sketchy style) 
and I adore them. 

If you haven't showered, or been showered with, valentines today, take heart --  
there's still time for Cupid to take aim!

Here's a valentine idea from my beloved  1960's
Betty Crocker's Boys and Girls Cookbook --

A heart shaped cake! 

This illustration for "mother" is just a suggestion, of course, 
and in no way constitutes a hint to my children . . .

While I don't believe I ever actually baked the heart shaped cake, I do know I dreamed of it many times as a young girl, poring over this favorite cookbook on Saturday afternoons wondering what I could make or do.

And if someone's willing to bake it (even though I'm too busy painting frames) we could make it a real party, adding the suggested Silhouette Sandwiches, Celery Curls, and Cocoa Continental with Pink Whipped Cream!

We can set a lovely spring-pink table, and have the kind of Valentine's tea party Cupid himself would attend if he wasn't so busy flying around wreaking havoc on people's hearts.

What do you think?

I'll be in the kitchen working. Just knock on the door and I'll gladly let you in and take a break so we can have a few festivities together.  (Or if you don't want to interrupt my work, you can just leave a few goodies on my doorstep and I'll gratefully break my diet so I can sample your sweets . . .)

You can run away if you want to -- 
that's the way we used to do it 
when we were kids, after all, 
but don't think you're getting away with anything. 

I'll know 
it was 

(best wishes to one and all for a love-ly Valentine's Day!)


Moonsilk Stitches said...

Oh! I had that cookbook, too! And we did make the heart cake for some event or other. What a wonderful memory--thanks! Don't work too hard--take a Valentine's break!

Leenie said...

I love your drawings. They are so clever and fun. I hope all that work to learn how to draw doesn't spoil your style. It sounds like your sweetheart is a draw-er too. Lucky you to get such original valentines.

I've still got the Better Homes and Gardens Jr. Cookbook I got back in the day. It taught me about cooking, but I wasn't prepared for a new husband who took the heart shaped cake I worked over for our first V-Day together--he took a hunk and dunked it in his glass of milk. I was totally insulted. I took it as his thinking the cake was dry and unfit to eat. He tried and tried to explain that he did that to all cake. We can laugh about it now. But out of respect he waits until I leave before he dunks cake.

Happy Valentines Day to you!

luanne said...

Such a pretty post with all the pink! And that heart cake idea brings back memories of youthful baking ambitions.

Hope you had a love-ly day too, some sweet treats and a break from painting polka dots!

p.s. loved the new dog last time... such a great expression!

Amelia Poll said...

Can I have that heart shaped hat in the last pic? So fabulous!

I hope you did have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Pam said...

Valentine's Day slipped our minds - but then so much does these days!! We rememebered to celebrate the recent 30th wedding anniversary though, and reflect on meeting him in the days when "no cake for me thanks,because of my diabetes and cholestrol" was the furthest thing from his mind!
Belated Happy Valentine's Day Susan!x

Karen S said...

I want that hat too! Hope your Valentine's was lovely. ♥

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