". . . and some days it's a good day to have breakfast . . ."

The beginning of that Sherman Alexie line is actually quite dire and while I'm usually the first to celebrate Sherman in all his shades, today we'll focus on the back half of the quote because (happily) today turned out to be a good day to have breakfast.

If you ask my dad how he is on any given day, he is likely to respond with, "Well, I'm here, aren't I?" Or some derivative of that idea. And with the unimaginable hardship that's being endured in some parts of the world this week, it's pretty easy to feel thankful for the true basics. 

Isn't it nice how some days it feels

just glorious to be in the most 
usual of circumstances?

The aforementioned breakfast got things off on the right foot, because Lindsay and I decided to indulge our shared devotion to McDonald's breakfast sandwiches, so the day was good
from the get go.

It's amazing what eggs and processed breakfast meats can do for a person, especially when placed between halves of a biscuit that leaves your fingers greasy even before you've fully unwrapped it. And an excuse to have diet Coke for breakfast?


Ahhh . . . Friday food.

Then not long after we returned home,
the postman arrived with this:

They're getting rare, my friends,
but I still find them from time to time and this is a honey!

(I also received my new insoles for my running shoes in the mail, but fitness talk is banned on Fridays.  That's part of what makes Fridays prime McDonald's territory.)

And as I type I can hear the banging of pots and pans downstairs, as my son-in-law continues his exploration of the wonders of yeast breads.  Today's installment:  Caramel Pecan Rolls. He'll be glad when school resumes next week, but the rest of the family might feel a bit let down by the return of the baking drought.

Last week he made me look great by happening to bake bread on the afternoon some acquaintances were stopping by for a meeting.

For one brief moment, I seemed like THAT KIND OF WOMAN! You can't buy publicity like that.  (We'll keep him.)

And to put the cherry atop it all, the weatherman says we may reach 32 degrees tomorrow for the first time since before Christmas.


To a Minnesotan, 32 degrees in January means shirtsleeves.  Plain and simple.  And a non-life-threatening outdoor run, of course. (But we won't talk about that today.  Runs are Saturday talk.)

And today is Friday.  Happy, happy day.

Some days happiness is just
a lot of little things
you find in your pocket. 



Allie said...

Enjoy the warmer weather, Susan - we're almost hitting 40 tomorrow, I don't know what to wear - shorts? Bathing suit? Which reminds me - on someone's blog they showed a pic of a tourist swimming in FL this past week - the only one in the water - and yes, he was from Minnesota!

Chelsea said...

happiness is a lot of little things you find in your pocket.

you're like some kind of dicta-genius.

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